Nitrogenated Oatmeal Stout

NBC Oatmeal Stout is the perfect partner for one of chef’s Steak and Roast Shallot Pies or one of our famous Torre butcher’s steaks.

The roasted barley brings the colour and roasted flavours expected in a stout whilst the oatmeal adds a silkiness to the palate that ensures a smooth drinking experience.

In appearance the beer pours black with a dense pale head created through nitrogenation of the beer in the bright tank instead of the usual carbonation. The aroma exhibits the characteristic roasted notes of a stout with hints of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. On the palate these flavours are reinforced in a very smooth and silky mouthfeel showing only a touch of carbonation and finishing with a firm bitterness. 


Classic Bavarian style wheat beer.

You will enjoy this if you like Redback, Weihenstephaner Weissbier or Feral White.

  • Blond in colour.
  • Dense white creamy head atop a sparkling well carbonated beverage.
  • Soft mouthfeel with very low bitterness.
  • Highly aromatic, with hints of banana, and very subtle spicy clove like characteristics.
  • A slice of lemon will counterbalance the sweeter flavours adding a different complexity.

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Pale Ale

A bright pale ale in the Australian style dosed with hops.

You will enjoy this if you like Little Creatures Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, James Squire 150 Lashes.

  • Bright and golden in colour.
  • Combination of Galaxy and Cascade hops throughout the brewing process.
  • Blend of ale malts to provide a dry mouthfeel and finish.
  • Hoppy aroma with bold bitter flavours.
  • An entry level Australian style Pale Ale that you need to try at least twice.

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An all malt continental lager.

You will enjoy this if you like Becks, Stella Artois or Grolsch.

  • A bright crystal clear lager that is pale straw in colour.
  • Blend of noble hops provides crisp lager bitterness.
  • Imported German malt provides complexity and a hint of malt sweetness with a well balanced mouthfeel.
  • Fresh yet subtle aroma from the late addition of hops.
  • Classic lager sessionability and well suited to our hot climate.



Kolsch is a beer style of distinction that is traditionally produced by a tightly knit group of breweries around the German city of Cologne. ABV: 5.0%


Only available right here at NBC.

A pale golden beer served brilliantly clear and with a thick white head.

Not as bitter as a lager nor as fruity or hoppy as pale ale, the Kolsch is a delicate hybrid, being technically an Ale but produced more in the manner of a Lager! This unusual combination of processes is a key to the classic Kolsch flavour profile.  

Beerland Kolsch has a subtle and balanced aroma, almost like a lager, the trace of fruity esters gives away the Ale pedigree of the beer. On the palate, the beer is refreshing and quite dry, malt character is quite subtle and alcohol content only moderate giving rise to great drinkability. A key feature is the soft bitterness from the German hop varieties and the smooth, round mouth feel created.

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An American Style India Pale Ale. Its bold flavours and authentic history have made it a favourite amongst craft brewers and their followers worldwide ABV: 7.0%
***Launching Wednesday June 8th***

Beerland IPA follows the style made enormously popular by brewers in NW coastal regions of the USA, drawing on their local access to many fragrant, aromatic hop varieties.

Beerland IPA is brewed with traditional Pale Ale malt and a blend of speciality malts to create a rich colour and firm backbone for the beer. Fermented to dryness this brew packs a punch at 7.0% alcohol. The hops are the hero here with generous quantities of Chinook, Centennial, Cascade and Galaxy hop varieties added at different points in the brewing schedule. The result is a bitterness level that really would protect a cask of beer on the sea journey from Portsmouth to Mumbai…

In addition to the aromatic hop character from the late kettle additions the fermented beer is also dry hopped for a week to add a top note of citrus and pine needles… a real smorgasbord for the hop heads amongst us.

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Session Ale

Our Session Ale is a perfect Pale Ale for a relaxed summer session at NBC. ABV: 4.3%
AVAILABILITY: Only available here at NBC. TRY IT TODAY!

A moderate alcohol content gives the beer great drinkability in the warmer weather. Light gold in colour with good carbonation this refreshing beer is in the style of American Pale Ale.

This beer is brewed with a blend of pale ale, munich, amber and wheat malts to provide a subtle malt backbone to a beer where the hops are a feature. Moderately bittered with Australian Galaxy hops the beer is fermented to dryness with an American yeast strain and then heavily dry hopped with both Galaxy and Centennial variety hops. The dry, hopping gives a prominent hop aroma to the beer reflecting elements of stone fruits, citrus and pine needles.

Drink NBC Session Ale on its own or pair it with one of our delicious burgers for a winning combination.

Extra Special Bitters

LTD Edition ESB
Extra Special Bitters
By Beerland

Ken’s done it again!

Beerland ESB is styled after the traditional English Bitters and provides easy drinking in a more balanced malt driven profile.
ABV: 5.0%

Need a change from the heavily hopped American style Pale Ales?

Brewed with Maris Otter barley malt, the pride of traditional British ale brewers, blended with selected crystal malts to provide length and depth on the palate. This beer is hopped for bitterness with Wye Target hops and then late hopped and dry hopped with East Kent Goldings, a variety favoured in English Bitters and by Belgian brewers alike. The warm and rapid fermentation utilises a London Ale yeast strain followed by limited cold conditioning.

Beerland Extra Special Bitters (ESB) presents with a brilliant deep golden hue and creamy white head. The subtle spicy and earthy notes of the EKG hops are noticeable in the bouquet. On the palate the malt profile shines with a smooth long flavour, malty, hints of caramel and toffee, with a firm but unobtrusive bitterness behind.

A terrific beer with food, especially meats, game and poultry, match a pint of Beerland ESB perfectly with our Smokin’ Duck Pot.


Japanese Porter

Porter is a traditional beer style that was the mainstay of the British brewing industry throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

ABV: 5.0%

Some say the name ‘Porter’ derives from it’s popularity amongst the working lasses of London, in particular, the porters of Covent Garden markets.
NBC Porter is brewed from a blend of four special ale malts and fermented with a traditional ale yeast. Sorachi Ace is a Japanese variety of hop used here to give a decidedly oriental spin to our Porter.

In the glass, this beer is almost black but a rich, deep mahogany brown is evident when the light gets behind it. A rich chocolate aroma complements a nose of dill upfront with roast coffee on the palate, notes of caramel becoming more prominent as it warms in the glass. Boasting characters of a smooth dessert, it finishes surprisingly dry, with a lingering yet pleasant mouthfeel and mild bitterness.

At an ABV of 5%, the Japanese Porter is a moderately balanced beverage, perfect accompaniment to the cooler months with a big juicy steak.



The Marzen style is a traditional German amber lager often served at Octoberfest and similar autumn festivals. ABV: 5.5%


Only available here at NBC.

Pre industrialisation brewers were hostage to the seasons and it was common to stop brewing in Spring because summer temperatures are too high to make good beer.  This style was traditionally brewed at the end of spring and then stored through the summer in cool cellars or caves, to be drunk at the autumn festivals.

In keeping with tradition Beerland Marzen has had many weeks of cool cellaring to develop its potential. A dense white head tops a beautiful dark amber shade with exceptional clarity in the, glass. A rich German malt aroma with a slight toasted character is present. On the palate the rich and complex malt flavours are in great balance with a slight sweetness and very moderate hop bitterness. The overall impression is of a rich, smooth, malt driven beer carrying it’s 5.5% alcohol with ease, inevitably leaving the drinker with the desire for another glass.



A traditional English ale with reduced alcohol content.

You will enjoy this if you like Rogers, Coopers Mild.

  • Deep red / brown in colour with a creamy head.
  • Reduced / Mild alcohol content, but full in flavour.
  • Fragrant hoppy notes from Challenger hops.
  • Chocolate and caramel flavours.
  • Excellent drinkability especially when paired with meat.


Shanghai Draught

Shanghai Draught is our homage to the beer culture of South East Asia and of the Far East.
Traditionally brewed using German technology it’s not surprising that lager styles dominate.

Shanghai Draught is a light and sessionable lager style perfect for the oppressive mid-summer heat.

The defining feature of this beer is refreshment in a glass! It pours with a snow white head over a pale straw hued beer with plenty of carbonation.

The aroma is fresh, clean and delicate with subtle malt character from the German Pils malt in the grist. On the palate the beer is dry and cleansing with a firm bitterness from the kettle hops and a dash of complexity from the late addition of Saaz variety hops.

This beer is a collaboration with head Chef Phil Parsons and the NBC kitchen since on brew day about 120Kg of cooked rice was required for the mash! Rice as an adjunct is very common as a source of starch in beers of the region. This addition serves to ‘dilute’ the heavier malt flavours and help create smooth and refreshing palate.

Mango Wheat

Traditional Bavarian style Wheat beer infused with mango ABV: 5.0%

Mango Wheat is designed for pure refreshment on a warm day… a traditional Bavarian style Wheat beer infused with mango to create a unique drinking experience.

A brilliant, pale straw colour in the glass with generous carbonation and a thick white head this is an invitation to refreshment. The aroma is, not surprisingly, tropical fruits with mango clearly evident though citrus notes avoid any cloying sensation. On the palate the fruit salad gives way to a smooth wheat beer character with modest bitterness and then a dry finish that ensures drinkability and will really quench a thirst on a hot day!


Red Ale

Our limited edition Red Ale is brewed with a blend of speciality malts and a generous dose of flavoursome and aromatic hops. At 5.2 % abv. This beer offers a great depth of flavour in a full strength American style ale.

Red Ales fit broadly into three different style categories being Irish Reds, Flanders Red Ales and then the emergent American style that is a subset of Pale Ales.. this beer is in the American style featuring the flavour and aromas of Chinook, Cascade and Amarillo hop varieties.

In the glass the red brown colour is an immediate feature, developed through the inclusion of a blend of Cara Red and crystal malts. The aroma is dominated by the New World aromatic hop characters and underpinned by a biscuit and caramel malt aroma. On the palate the malts are smooth and dry with a firm bitterness and substantial hop flavours. Enjoy a Beerland Red Ale as the perfect accompaniment for a Caveman pizza or NBC Angas burger.



A Farmhouse Ale style, Saison was brewed in farm house breweries during the winter and then served to refresh the seasonal farm workers in summer. ABV: 6.2%

Saison originates from the French speaking southern region of Belgium. It pours with a thick white head and ample carbonation.

The golden orange hue is authentically developed through extended boiling in the brew kettle of a very pale malt wort.  The beer is not filtered, the yeast clouding having only been somewhat reduced through sedimentation in the extended storage phase. The aroma is redolent with funky yeast characters, fruity esters, a slight spiciness and a little bit of farm yard!

On the palate the beer is quite dry with an assertive bitterness and a warming alcoholic sensation. The suspended yeast adds to the mouthfeel and reflects the complex and yeasty highlights of the aroma.