Beer Club Porter Tasting – The club kicks off at 6.30pm with the official release of the latest Beerland beer – Japanese Porter. 
(Click here for more details on this tasty new release!)
Enjoy a tasting local and international beers: Fuller’s London Porter, Samuel Smith’s Famous Taddy Porter, Heretic Shallow Grave, Billabong Porter, Feral Smoked Porter, Nail Oatmeal Stout, Coopers Stout and of course the NBC Japanese Porter.

Hosted by our Master Brewer Ken Arrowsmith.

When: Wednesday 10th June from 6:30pm

Price: $25 per person includes beer tasting and food

Bookings essential: Contact or phone 6151 6481

“Porter” is a dark style of beer developed in London from well-hopped, brown malt beers and drunk by the “porters” who laboured in the markets during the 19th century. “Stout” referred to a strong or robust ale, but with the advent of coffee roasters many maltsters found that they could blacken grain, imparting a black colour and mild-roasted flavour to the beer. The use of these highly roasted malts eventually spawned Stout, and without it there’s be no creamy Guinness, Murphy’s or Beamish as we know them today. Our own Porter follows the traditions of this Blue collar, working man’s beverage and salutes them!

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